Social Media after injury


Most of us love and have an account. It's a great way to keep up with friends, share pictures of great moments and join community groups. You know what it's not great for? Seeing how great other people's lives are. You know when's a horrible time to have Facebook? When you're going through a brain injury.

I hate myself for not deleting my Facebook account and spending hours on end on it during the 1st year of my recovery. I was home all the time and bored out of my mind. Before my injury when I was bored, I'd go on Facebook to see what other people were doing. This wasn't bad because I was busy and didn't have much time to do this anyway. During my injury, I had every hour of the day to fill up with activities I could handle. 

Seeing my friends go on vacations, have promotions at work or even just go out on a Saturday night to a bar. It broke me. I couldn't do those things and it absolutely broke me. There was nothing I could do but rest and get better. I tried to be stronger, but this situation was out of my control and that drove me insane. I compared myself to everyone else and gave myself a hard time because I wasn't strong enough to do those things they were doing.

Looking back, I really wish I deleted my account completely. That and all other social media accounts. I had a hard time doing this because I wanted to stay connected, but I should've.  

Even today, 3 years post injury, I limit my social media time so much. I unfollowed all the unhealthy people in my life and it felt great. I don't think I ever could have the strength to delete them all together because of the communities and work contacts I have, but my time is extremely limited. 

Is Facebook affecting your mood? Keep a mood diary and note how many times you're on Facebook that day. The results might surprise you.