Online Shopping Benefits

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When was the first time you went to a busy mall after your injury?

Mine was 3 months post injury, and I went wearing my bright blue helmet. I have never gotten so many looks in my life. The biggest thing I noticed about that trip was how it quickly drained my mental energy. The people, the movement, the stores, the lights. It’s all very overwhelming. I’m almost 4 years post accident today and I still hate going to the mall. I hate it so much.

One of the best things I’ve discovered is online shopping. Most stores have a shipping option, but I really enjoy my Amazon Prime membership. The membership is only $79.99 a year and you get plenty of benefits. Here are the reasons why Amazon Prime membership/online shopping is helpful for brain injury survivors:

  1. Save Energy: Going to busy stores drain mental fatigue. Skip the store and have what you need delivered right to your door.

  2. Quick Delivery: Whether it’s 1 or same day delivery, this is a great bonus of the membership.

  3. Everything You Need: Amazon has a wide range of products from clothes, toiletries, electronics, home and even groceries.

  4. Return Policy: Don’t like what you ordered? They have a very easy return policy.

  5. Subscribe To Products: You can subscribe to products you buy regularly, save money and have them shipped consistently once you run out. You can have subscriptions deliver every 1, 2 to even 6 months.

There are many other great options for online shopping such as:

  • Free online shipping at most stores

  • Grocery delivery

  • Medication delivery options

You don’t have to avoid stores completely, especially if some days you’re feeling up to it. Here are some tips I use when I have to go to the mall/stores:

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Block out at least one of the sources that will drain your energy.

  2. Time Limit: Do you get overwhelmed after an hour in crowds? 2 hours? Know your limit and stick to it.

  3. Make A Plan: What do you need at the mall? Write a list, plan the stores you’ll visit and you’ll have lots of confidence being able to get in and out.

  4. Go With Friend/Family: Sometimes having someone else with you is helpful. If they start to notice your energy is draining, you can have someone there to let you know it’s time to go.

  5. Ship To Store: If you want to shop online, most stores have a ship to store option. You could make a trip to the mall to pick up these orders quickly, which will save you energy to shop around.

So with Christmas around the corner, don’t feel pressured to go out to the mall or even stores. You have plenty of options to avoid the crowds and save your energy.

What’s your favourite delivery online shopping option?