Tea & Headaches

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Sweater weather is finally here, and that means more reasons to drink tea. There are so many different types of teas out there, and they all effect bodies in different ways. I want to share my best and worst teas and how they relate to my headaches.


  • Black tea: My go-to is Earl Grey. I swear by this tea. My routine is a cup of coffee in the morning, and when my fatigue starts to creep back up I whip up a cup of Earl Grey for the afternoon. I’ve always felt great with black teas and have never gotten a headache from them. If anything, they’ve helped my headaches.

  • Herbal tea: Vanilla Honeybush. I was recommended this herbal tea for treating already present headaches/migraines and omg does it ever work. It only relieves headaches and migraines for a short time, but anything helps.

  • Herbal tea: Peppermint. The good thing about this tea is you can get it at almost any coffee shop and it has no caffeine. The mint gives you a subtle burst of energy and relieves a headache.

  • Herbal tea: Camomile. A great tea for nighttime or to relax. Drinking this tea during the day also helps with anxiety.


  • White Tea: Immediately get a migraine. I love the taste and all the different flavours, but for whatever reason it just doesn’t agree with me.

  • Green tea = Migraine. Again, not sure why, but this tea doesn’t agree with me. I used to drink green tea and be fine before my accident, but it just doesn’t work for me anymore.

You may or may not have the same experience as me, but hopefully this is helpful for trying new teas and maybe identifying triggers that you may not have realized. Tea is great, if you can find out which ones work for you and which ones don’t, you can’t finally start to enjoy the tea experience!

What’s your favourite tea?