Daith Piercing for Migraines Review

good daith.jpg

About a year ago, I was dealing with one of my regular horrible migraines when I was once again on Google trying to figure out how I can stop it. I came across something very interesting...a piercing that had wonderful reviews on either stopping or helping migraine severity. After some thinking, I decided to go for it. 

The Daith piercing is located on the cartilage fold in the ear. It's recommended to get the piercing on the side of your head that your migraines are most of the time. I would also recommended if you're looking to get both sides, to only get one and wait until that has healed. You can't sleep on the side you get the piercing for a while.

I don't want to scare you, but the act of piercing you ear hurts like fucking hell. (This piercing could induce a seizure. If you have had seizures, or a TBI, please check if this is something you should do.) I've gotten a few things pierced before, but this one was definitely the winner for pain. I have a very high tolerance for pain, so it was worth it for me. The pain scale is either a 9/10 or a 10/10. 

The night of the piercing and a few days after were also rough. I had a horrible migraine from the pain, and I started to debate if it it was worth it. I've been tracking my headaches/migraines with a great app called Headache Diary Pro (link here), and it did not get rid of them completely, but boy have a seriously noticed a difference. Maybe it was because I'm further away from my accident date and I'm healing naturally, but maybe it's not. I used to get migraines once a month, now I get them once every 2 months. The severity of them is still bad sometimes, but other times not. The biggest difference I've noticed is my everyday headaches. I used to have headaches every day, a pain scale of 5/10, but ever since I got this piercing it's dramatically decreased to maybe 2 headaches a month on top of a usual migraine. 

The healing time is really annoying. I was told by my piercer 3-6 months. I got mine pierced August 2017. It's been 6 months now, and I still need to clean daily and some days it hurts like hell. 

Cleaning this piercing should be daily. I'm still cleaning after 6 months because it's not fully healed, but once it's healed you don't have to clean it daily. I use either tea tree oil or a non scented sensitive skin bar of soap. I clean it in the shower every morning, that way I know my hands are clean and the piercing can be touched. (PLEASE never touch it with dirty hands, or it could get infected.) What I do is put a bit of soap around the piercing, twist it and rinse it under water. I twist it so the soap can be cleared from the hole. Disclaimer: twisting it, still to this day at 6 months healing, hurts like HELL. But honestly, if I have a migraine or headache it distracts it with a different pain, so WIN for me. 

Overall, for me, this was 100% worth it. The annoyance of cleaning and long healing time is so worth it because my daily headaches are pretty much gone. 

If this is something you're considering, please check with medical professional first because of the seizure risk or other.