**There is breakdown of my injuries, in real people wording.

My GCS was 11/15 at the scene of the accident, then decreased to 6/15 once I arrived at the ER by ambulance. 

I was rushed into a emergency decompression craniectomy of the right frontotemporoparietal. A large section of my right side skull was removed to relieve the brain swelling so it could expand without being squeezed against the skull. 

About 12 hours after that surgery on the same night, my GSC went from a 6 to a 3. 15 is fully functional, 3 is deep coma or worst case, death. I had another surgery for the evacuation of an acute subdural hematoma. 

The brain swelling was still significant, and lasted about 5 months until it decreased enough to put my skull back in place. For that amount of time, I wore a blue helmet to protect my head. 

7 months after the skull was removed,  I went for a right side cranioplasty/cranial bone defect repair. This meant I wore my blue helmet for 7 months. 

An actual CT scan of my brain post injury.

An actual CT scan of my brain post injury.


  • Skull base fracture (I broke the bone at the base of my skull.)
  • Right side subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage (Basically blood leaked into the space between layer in the skull and the brain.) with significant mass effect, (It was causing severe pressure on the brain tissues.)
  • Severe epidural hematoma in left frontal temporal parietal region with mass effect (I was bleeding between the outer layer that covers the brain and skull.) and early brain herniation (My brain swelled and was being squeezed against skull.)
  • Signal change within splenium of corpus callosum suggestive of shear injury (I could barely say this one out loud. Some signals changed in thickest part of my brain that meant tearing of brain's connecting nerves because brain was shifted or moved inside skull.)