Chapter Four:

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And see him again I did. Once our contract was over and Adam and I kept in touch by text and got to know each other better. We had a good dynamic between us and got along well. I convinced myself his current relationship would never last after what happened the last time we saw each other.

I waited for an opportunity to see him, but nothing came up. One night a few months later, I got a text from Adam who invited me out to a bar. After I convinced my roommate Lisa to come, who knew all about my huge crush, we were on our way to meet Adam and his friends.

Thoughts raced through my head on the quick cab ride to the bar. It was a whirlwind of excitement and the unknown. My heart raced, I had a huge smile on my face and I was eager to see Adam. I wanted to get to know him better. Once we arrived, I jumped out of the cab and pretty much ran to the line to get into the club.

Lisa and I got in quickly. It was a lively Saturday night and the place was packed. The bar was small with wooden walls and a cottage feel. Hip-hop music blasted the speakers and I felt in my element. I was thrilled for the night ahead.

I scanned the place for Adam, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Let’s get a drink,” said Lisa. We went to the bar and each ordered a beer.

We waited for our drink, and out of the corner of my eye Adam’s charming look caught mine. He waved and headed towards us. The butterflies in my stomach made my smile grow ten times bigger.

“You made it!” said Adam who flashed me that irresistible smile that locked me in. He gave me a hug. I introduced Lisa and he introduced us to his friends. We all shot back some tequila and headed to the dance floor.

“I can’t believe you came out!” said Adam.

“Why wouldn’t I? It’s great to see you again,” I said. My smile so big at this point it was embarrassing. He was so attractive I didn’t even know what I was saying or doing half the time.

The group of us danced, drank and hung out for a while. Out of nowhere, Adam pulled me aside. We were alone in the crowd of people on the dance floor.

“Maggie and I broke up,” he said. His face was stone cold and he just starred at me.

I was frozen. As much as I had a huge crush on him and this was all I ever wanted to hear, I was in shock. I didn’t actually want them to break up. Regardless, this tempted me. I physically and mentally couldn’t do anything but stand there silent.

“KIDDING!” Adam said after the longest 5 seconds of the night. He laughed, grabbed me by the hand and started to dance. I didn’t have time to process what happened, so I went with it.

I eventually went by myself to the bar to get another drink. I needed a minute alone in this loud place. I felt uncomfortable after that unexpected joke. Did he expect a reaction out of me? I shot back some vodka, grabbed a beer and headed back to the dance floor away from Adam. I started to feel the buzz creep up on me.

A noticed a riser above the dance floor that look accessible by a ladder. It was empty, so I climbed it and danced by myself. I decided to have a fun time alone.

That quickly changed when Adam appeared below me. I told him to come up. A wave of guilt took over me when he started to climb the ladder. That feeling was quickly swept away by the alcohol. We danced together on the riser in front of everyone in the club. I started to make a scene out of it and he didn’t pull back. Everyone could see us, including his friends, and I didn’t care. Apparently he didn’t either. All of this time, he still had a girlfriend.

Adam and I eventually got off the riser, found everyone else and continued the night. Once 2am hit, we parted ways and went home. I sought attention that night and I got more than I asked for.

The next morning, Lisa and I made breakfast hung-over and laughed about our night.

“Adam is cute, but he seems like a bit of a player,” said Lisa. I told her that Adam joked about being single.

“Are you serious? That’s so ballsy, what if you kissed him?” she said. She wasn’t wrong. 

“I wouldn’t have,” I said, but I tried to believe myself. I’m glad I didn’t, but I very well could have.

“I heard something interesting from his friends,” said Lisa. “They joked that you were his second girlfriend.”

“What?” I said. My face scrunched up in disgust. I didn’t want to be known as someone’s second girlfriend. What the fuck did I get myself into?

I never confronted Adam about the second girlfriend comment or even the break up comment, but later that day I got a text from him that read:

“You really went full tilt last night. I’m glad you came out.”

Every questionable thing that happened that night was gone and the thrill was back.