Winter Obstacles

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Winter sucks, for everyone. It’s cold, snowing, icy and just depressing. While we’re right in the middle of global warming, so they suck even more because they’re more unpredictable then ever. Winter seems to suck even more for people with injuries, because there are even more obstacles to deal with. There’s depression, weather change headaches, and of course, slippery sidewalks.

My number one fear in the winter is slipping, falling and hitting my head. I’m nervous going anywhere after a storm, and honestly sometimes I just trap myself inside to avoid anything that might happen. It’s scary, but all you can do is just be careful. Here’s some tips that have helped me:

  • A good pair of boots, this is key. If you go outside with a shitty pair of boots from Aldo, you’re pretty much asking to slip and fall. A good quality boot I wear, that is also fashionable, is Sorel’s Women’s Emelie 1964 boot in black. It’s a great style of combat boot that has a great grip

  • Leave early and take your time. There’s nothing like rushing during an ice storm and having an accident happen. Take your time or don’t go out if you don’t have to.

  • If you don’t have to leave your house, then don’t. You shouldn’t stay in side from December to April straight, but if it really is bad outside then you do have an excuse to stay home. Don’t feel guilty about it, most people are doing the same thing. See if you can work from home, do your errands another day or find indoor activities to keep you busy.

A good tip my therapist gave me when I told her I was nervous about leaving the house during winter is:

“As long as you do all you can to prevent a fall, you will be fine. You can’t control falls, but you can control everything to prevent them.”

Have a safe and happy winter everyone!